Angelwood Sword

Angelic Wooden Sword (Angel Wood is stronger than steel)

weapon (melee)

can not buy, but sells for the same cost as the requirements for resurrection. adds 5 to attack. increases will save by 3 (permanently). extra 10 dmg to undead or under worldly type creatures. clerics can use it, as long as they are Lawful or neutral good. chaotic or evil characters are stunned if they attempt to wield it. Angelic Strike: sacrifices 5 hp to deal an instant X4 Critical strike. Healing: Clerics or Paladins who hold the sword regenerate 4d hp every round as long as they aren’t flanked or do not attack that round. Hover: Paladins who wield this sword can jump further, by another half of their movement per round.


This Rare and Godly weapon, was once used to banish an evil god-killing entity back to its chaotic prison, however the wielder of this magnificent sword died after inhaling the fumes that the creature exerted. it is said the warriors spirit is one with the sword.

Angelwood Sword

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